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The Handsome Travel Blogger’s Top 16 Favourite Photos of 2016

Welcome to first brand new post of 2017 on the Handsome Travel Blogger! Say hey!

So, what better than to introduce you to the concept of the Handsome Travel Blogger by giving you the best travel tips of each destination I’ve visited in these 16 photos! (whilst also looking good and handsome too!)


Zagreb in Croatia is definitely the place to go for great beers! Avoid going inside the bars and instead sit outside on the terraces. You’ll be able to mingle with the locals and listen to musical buskers too!

The Handsome Travel Blogger

Kingston Upon Thames, only a 20 minute train ride from London is a quaint town that showcases great art installations such as this one – ‘Out of Order’


Finland is probably my most favourite Nordic country. There’s literally so much to see and do but I totally recommend taking a boat trip out into the Pellinki Archipelago from Porvoo.


Ah, Rio! Who doesn’t love the Rio Carnival in Brazil?! If you are in the city, go to Ipanema Beach instead of Copacabana Beach. There’ll be less crowds and in my opinion, better surfs!


If you’re staying in Kingston Upon Thames, don’t forget to stay in Warren House. It’s just yards from Richmond Park, which is the biggest Urban Park in Europe.


You’re definitely going to find love at Lake Bled! A must see destination in Slovenia!


Don’t forget to colour-co-ordinate when you’re in Zagreb when you’re on the street art tour.


Things are looking autumnal at Woollaton in Nottinghamshire in the UK. Did you know visiting the hall is FREE?!


Keep following the River Thames and you’ll discover wonders.


The southbank side in London definitely gives you funny ideas…


The scenery in Slovenia can be literally second to none. Go to Lake Bled, I know I’ve said it before, but you’ll have to go there if you haven’t been!

The Handsome Travel Blogger

When you’re taking a cruise of the Norwegian Fjords, don’t forget to stop off at Olden. Because, this view…WOW! (of the scenery…I know I look good too!)


Take a trip to Fraser Island off Queensland in Australia from Rainbow Beach instead of Hervey Bay, you’ll get a cheaper deal.


Take a tour with Sandeman New Europe Tours when you are in Prague. What’s more, it’s free!


Of course, to look good, you’ll need to keep up on your fitness. Sometimes you can get great deals while you’re out on the road. Excuse the sweat mark!


Meanwhile, in all the travelling, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


Do you have any favourite handsome travel tips from 2016? Why not share them in the comments below?


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