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Handsome and Gay in Stockholm

Good morning everyone!

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So, where have I been in the world in the last year? It;s been a very much of a northern Europe focused year. After all, isn’t that where people say the most beautiful people come from? So, I went over to Stockholm in Sweden to find out why people love this capital city and why they simply say it’s full of handsome men. Well, in July last year, I went over and added myself to the handsome men list and found out who could be some of the most handsome Swedish men there. Totally spoilt for choice!


Stockholm is roughly around two and a half hours flight from London, so it’s a perfect excuse to fly over there for a long weekend. you will not be disappointed. When I arrived, I was amazed that the city itself was probably one of the most handsome cities I’ve ever set foot in. Clean, crisp and nature based, I simply loved walking along side the canals that stream through Stockholm. You can see above that I’ve got a big massive grinning face there!

Spending a week here, exploring the historic museums such as the Vasa Museum, Nordic Museum or partying until dawn using the Keyflow app to get you into VIP places, the possibilities of being handsome in Stockholm are endless. Here are my top handsome places to visit:

The Royal Palace


The Swedish Royal Palace is patrolled by extremely good looking Swedish guards. They aren’t like the stern blank looks we have with the British regiments guarding Buckingham Palace in London. They might even give you a wink or two and smile. Not only that, they are courteous, helping people on their way to explore the city.

The Royal Swedish Opera House


Full of glamour, sparkles, gold and red carpets, this is where you need to go to enjoy the culture and even ballet of the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. You’ll feel like a handsome prince within these walls.

Mälarpaviljongen – the no 1 LGBT hangout


Along the lakeside walk of Norr Malarstrand, you’ll come across Mälarpaviljongen, a floating oasis that offers a rainbow coloured welcome to everybody. With scenic views and enjoy the summer sun, Conde Nast traveller named this place as one of the ‘Best neighbourhood Restaurants in the World’.

Excitingly, Mälarpaviljongen is one of the top LGBT places to visit in Stockholm as it organised charity work in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights all over the world. With their own rose wine label, for every bottle sold, a piece of the funds are donated to the fund. In 2013, the sum of 430,000 kroner was collected for the gay and lesbian rights movement in Uganda.


You can take lunch (using organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients) and drinks in this 700 seat place, waited on by extremely handsome waiters, while you enjoy the variety of entertainment it offers including drag shows, DJs and Sunday jazz sessions.

Take the Good Morning Stockholm Tour


If you’re feeling hungover from partying the night away, then the best way to blow the cobwebs away is to take the Good morning Stockholm boat tour that will offer you the sights of Stockholm from the pleasure of your boat. Stopping off at an island, you can take the opportunity to go for a bracing swim to wake you up.


Under the Rainbow Flag Tours


You can take an LGBT themed guided tour in Stockholm as the city has come a favourite for LGBT people who want more than just a single ‘gay’ district. In Stockholm, there’s no specific gay-lesbian area – the rainbow flags fly right across the city. In this tour by Stockholm Guiding Services, you will get to visit some of the popular sites and attractions in Stockholm, like the Old Town, the Woodland Cemetery (here Greta Garbo’s grave rests), the Royal Opera and ABBA the Museum, and hear about them from a LGBT perspective. The day ends with a drink at Mälarpaviljongen.

Definitely well worth a tour!


ABBA the Museum


Oh my days, you wouldn’t believe how excited I became at the prospect of visiting ABBA the Museum in Stockholm. So much so, that I went there three times in one week! Gay, camp and cheesy, what more do you ask for? Check out how I became a dancing queen here:


So that’s the best gay and handsome spots of Stockholm. Yes, there’s loads more, but these were my favourites. As mentioned, there isn’t a specific gay district in Stockholm, but you can find a bar easily that waves the LGBT flag.

Meanwhile, thank you handsome Stockholm!


Have you been to Stockholm? Do you have a favourite gay bar you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below. 

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