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Pride in Hull: My favourite pictures from 2018

Every year towards the end of July, Pride in Hull pulls out all the stops to give the UK’s biggest free pride in Hull!

Their remit is pretty simple:

  1. Celebrating the LGBT+ community with friends and allies
  2. Celebrate diverse sexualities and genders
  3. Uplifting communities
  4. Telling people that they do fit
  5. Do all of the above with a big massive parade, equal parts protest and party!

I’m pretty proud of Pride in Hull, not because it all happens in my home city, but it’s because it builds up a community that’s inclusive to all. I attended my very first Pride in Hull last year in 2018 (I know, I seemed to be away volunteering at that time of year before) and I was absolutely bowled over by the infectious enthusiasm that waved through the city!

Pride in Hull

With a fantastic parade that marched through the busy areas of the city centre culminating in an eclectic festival in their very own Queen’s Gardens, everyone absolutely enjoyed the acts that came to perform on stage and partake in the many stalls that cropped up. It was one of the best prides I’ve ever been to!

Check out my favourite pictures from Pride in Hull 2018 here:

So! What’s happening this year?

Taking place on Saturday 20th July, Pride in Hull is back – bigger, brighter, bolder and prouder than ever.

Kicking off with a Pride Parade, reflecting on 50 years since the Stonewall uprising, it stars street artists, everyday heroes (not all superheroes wear capes) from local and international organisations and more.

The parade then ends at Queen’s Gardens and that’s when the party gets started. Queen’s Gardens has a ‘Pride market’ for all your pride essentiual needs including glitter stalls, drinks and snacks at street food vendors and more.

On the main stage, Pride in Hull has just revealed an epic line up including:

Claire Richards (from Steps!)

Melanie C (Spice Girls) featuring Sink the Pink

Alaska 5000 (RuPaul’s Drag Race)


And others including Honeyz, Push the Button, Social Beingz, Dan Crossley, Lucy Whittaker, Michael T Ogilvie, Pride on Stage, Been Del as Dolly Parton, Cortney Shortney, Jeddy Bear and Gary’s Picnic, David Danville’s Skyline Studio, State of the Arts present Rent.

Sound like a fabulous day out, yeah?

Find out more here:

I’m certainly going and will be marching in the parade. Will I see you there? Let me know if you are coming to Pride in Hull 2019 in the comments below!

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